All Recovery Begins in the Mind. Learn to Tame it.

“Begin to observe your life more and try to awaken the observer in you, the high self. Thinkers from Plato to Freud have talked about the three selves we have within us. I call them the high self, the conscious self, and the basic self. The conscious self is the personality; the basic self is the child. When the conscious self decides to go on a diet, the basic self eats chocolate cake. The high self if the god within us, the part that is eternal and divine. It is always there but we need to activate it…Listen to the slow, still voice we call intuition.”   Arianna Huffington

Our self-image is formed by allowing ourselves to be influenced by various authority figures. As we mature and accept the responsibility of defining ourselves, these internalized voices of authority must each be examined and evaluated. It is only when we take back our own power to define ourselves that we are truly free.

Our conscious mind is where thoughts are formed. Our subconscious mind is where our creative mind takes root. As we learn to harness the vast power and energy of the subconscious mind, we are tapping into our real source.

I never realized that my way of thinking everything was a major disaster was contributing to my life’s disasters. In other words, I was creating the drama instead of just reacting to it. So I learned that if I created the drama, I could uncreate it. The simple technique I used was to shout “Stop!” at my obsessive thinking. Scream it loud enough and you tend to get your own attention.

I learned that my mind was out to get me–or, at the very least, my mind was out to control me. I think that I was addicted to feeling bad. The main reward from negative thinking is low expectations of ourselves. If you think you’re not worth much, you don’t have to do much.

Negative thinking or fear controlled my mind and therefore my emotions. I also have learned that feelings can’t hurt me unless I hold on to them.

The easiest change to make is changing your thoughts. Think of the negative thoughts as being stuck in a rut or circle. Round and round they go but no change occurs. Re frame your thoughts by rewording them. Go from I can’t to I can. All it takes is changing your thoughts.

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